Miku Fanart Update

I was on my bed resting my head this afternoon after getting home from work and thinking about how to edit my Miku fanart when something hit me. All this time that I drew on photoshop I would always go over my drawings and “clean” it up. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but its not really how I draw (by that I mean on paper).

My style has a sketchy feel to it. I’ve always liked that about it. When I draw on Photoshop though, I always think of coloring it. Then when I color, it’s usually cell shading, which forces me to clean up my drawings to match the style.

I’m not sure if I’m making any sense but in a nutshell, I’ve been putting too much effort into a style that I’m not very comfortable with ^^;

So I got off the bed and re-did the sketch from scratch. Click more to see the (edited) original and the new version. Comments are welcome and let me know which style you like better ^^

[warning] Skimpified Miku [/warning]

This is the original with slight editing. A couple of the comments were critiques on the abdominal/belly area. The others were about her expression (at least, that’s what I think you meant XD). [edit] This is the newer version. Click here to see the older one ^^[/edit]

This is the other version which I did today. Its sketchier and I guess you could say a more mature look maybe? I like this pose better though. It feels more dynamic and she looks relaxed ^^; I left off the little details for now such as the little triangles on the edges of her blouse, the yellow rectangle and the little ribbon on her pantsu . [edit] Changed her pose slightly. Hopefully its less painful now ^_^’ Click here for the old one. [/edit]

That’s it for now. Have to go to bed since its nearly midnight and I have work tomorrow >.> Boo.


10 thoughts on “Miku Fanart Update

  1. I loved the way how you draw the hair, something that I always would wished to draw…
    but it’s a too skimpy for me(but that’s my problem, so don’t worry for you are doing a great job! *thumbs up*)

    and oh, I prefer the first drawing though. Gotta love the wonderful eyes’ expression drawn! :3

  2. Stick to your style it looks way better than the first pic you posted.Im actually a fan of more sketchy drawings so this may be subjective ^^

    I love her facial expression and the pose is more dynamic with her hair flwoing around her.

    Gotta criticize one thing again:
    Her upper torso is twisted in a way that looks pretty painful.Maybe you should try to soften the lines a bit there?Or is it the perpective?
    And please dont be turned off about my comment im a physical therapist and therefore care alot about anatomy ^_^

    Keep on going

  3. @ tsun13 : I guess I’ll be making 4 versions then ^_^

    Thanks for the comment. I like long haired characters a lot because hair is so much fun to draw. For flowing hair though, I have to use a separate layer because I use big/long strokes that overlap with the sketch XD

    @ Blowfish: I think I’ve been watching too much anime and not reading enough manga. My style started out as anime/cartoon influenced, then moved on to manga >.>’

    Hmm… She’s really supposed to be twisting… I’ll try to make it look less painful ^^

    But thanks for the critique again ^_^v

  4. @ gordon : Thanks ^_^ There will be a colored version soon. It might take a while though because I don’t have enough experience with coloring yet ^^ I’ll be trying a number of things over the next few days till I get it right.

  5. @ blissmo : Aww, thanks ^^ Just keep trying and practicing. What I did when I started was sketch/copy characters I liked XD Either way, I’m sure you have your own talents that I don’t have…

    …like writing >.>

  6. very nice artwork!, ive been drawing 4 more than 20 years now and i know when i see competition, and when i see someone that would very much give me a run for my money, if not even beat me if i was to go in a contest with them……i see your style is a mix, heavy on the anime side but with a touch of realism…..but thats just a guess..lol i could be totally wrong. well like i said great work. ill b uploading a pastel work i did for a contest in my town, i did great though i only got runner up since anime is not a big theme here in my town..sigh… well laterz

  7. You got it ^_^

    My style is very anime/manga/Japanese game art influenced ^^

    Could you take a picture of what you did and send it to me or upload and link it back to me? I’d really like to see it ^_^ And congrats too. I’ve never won anything… I think >.>

  8. Her upper torso is not over twisted at all. I am working as a human model for 3D animation and gaming. Believe me some time I am asked to bush my belly button forward so hard that my back muscles get very intense. This pose is very common and been used make breasts to look bigger n apart.

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