Excavation of a Memory: Ayame Maxwell

Ayame Maxwell

Ayame Maxwell

I’ve been marathon-ing (watching all the eps back-to-back) Gundam Wing the past few weeks with my boyfriend and friend. It took me back to my late elementary/early high school years and I suddenly remembered my first full character. By full, I mean, I probably created a number of random characters as a child, but Ayame was the only one with a personality, a background, a story. She was, is and always will be special to me.

Ayame was “born” sometime in 1999 or 2000 when I started playing the table top RPG Legend of the Five Rings. I was not, and still am not, good at creating stories and background information so I decided that Ayame had no memories. For her clan, I chose the Dragon and the name Mirumoto.

Took the official site’s “Which clan are you?” quiz today and guess what? Got the Dragon clan.

No longer play now. Haven’t for a long time. I had some sketches of her but I left them in the Phils. I’d be too embarrassed to show them anyway because now that I think about it, she doesn’t look like a warrior in them. Oh well. Haha.

Gravity Attack

Ayame’s second incarnation was born around June 2000 when I entered high school. I still remember sitting on one of the stone benches next to the field in my old school with my friends talking about a new story that one of us was going to write with each of us having a character in it. The title would be Gravity Attack. As a big fan of Duo Maxwell, I asked if my character could be his daughter since the story was a futuristic/sci-fi one. And that’s how Ayame Maxwell came to be.

Just like her father, she is also a pilot, but not of a Gundam. I forget what they’re called (it’s been years) but her mecha is called Yue no Kage. Yue for “moon” in Mandarin (I was a Cardcaptor Sakura fan ^^), Kage for “shadow” in Japanese. Basically means “Shadow of the Moon” (I think…). Cheesy, I know XD I don’t have a sketch of it yet, but just imagine a sleeker and more streamlined Deathscythe Hell with I believe it was purple highlights ^^;

Many faces of Ayame

Many faces of Ayame

I kind of created her haphazardly. Her basic personality goes: Enjoys battle, is very very hyper when sleepy or tired, bouncy and energetic with her dad, but generally is “…”. Most of her personality was patterned on Duo except the “…”. You could say that’s more of Heero but thinking back, I think it was more of a Squall from Final Fantasy VIII influence. I didn’t really know why she would be like this and left it up to my friend.



As for her looks, she has chin-length hair which I based off Natsumi Tsujimoto of You’re Under Arrest (fan of that too). She also prefers to wear a lot of plain black clothes. The half of the walls in the room she shares with a teammate is black because she decided to paint it as a canvas for her metalic silver and gold marker artwork (this part was based on me – the artistic part, not the room with black walls).

Eventually she would grow her hair and look like the top image which I drew in 2003/04.

[edit] And of course, how could I forget her name. At that time I was playing the first game of Tenchu. I really liked the character Ayame there ^_^ [/edit]

I am currently working on a sort of back-story for Ayame. I will collect it in a separate page as a light novel-ish series. By that I mean it’ll be sort of a cross between a manga and a light novel like Baccano! On hold.

Side notes:

  1. I don’t know who this is or the other Ayame Maxwells out there are. I came up with her on my own and knew nothing about these clones until yesterday when I decided to search Google for Gravity Attack.
  2. My Ignis is here~! I’m sure she’s authentic but anyway, I’ll write up a post for you guys to view and tell me what you think ^_^v

[I normally wouldn’t watermark my images but I drew these so it would be really nice if no one stole them ^^v]

Mirumoto Ayame and Ayame Maxwell © Char 1999-2008
All images used here (except Dragon clan image from L5R) © Char 1999-2008


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