Ignis and Other Things

I wrote in my past post about bootleg figures that I ordered an Ignis by Max Factory from eBay, even if I said that eBay should be avoided as much as possible. However, I really wanted it and threw caution in the wind.

…After checking different sellers information of course. There were a lot of figures available, but all were suspisciously low in price. One seller was even selling her for $0.99 O_o I wonder if that’s still there. I suppose how they earn is they have a ridiculous shipping price ($20+) or from a hapless first-time figure collector.

Anyway, as promised, I this post will have the result of the test of my theories. Suffice to say though, they worked for this case… at least. Will also have side topics: 1. a couple of PS3 games I got the other day and 2. a funny WoW forum thread. ^^

So here she is in her box. I didn’t expect it to be as big as this, honestly. Right now all of my figures are enclosed in a bookshelf with a glass cover. I should actually be putting my figures there and my boxes outside but the shelf is on the other side of the room. I prefer my figures to be nearby where I can admire them ^^ Eventually I’ll have to do that though, since more are arriving over the next few months.

Packaging was done very well. The hard plastic encasing the figure leaves enough space so as not to touch the figure itself. In the areas where it might have contact with the figure, there is a sheet of clear plastic. The. I’ve encountered a figure whose paint rubbed off on the packaging. I think it was one of the Yunas. Not sure if it was the fake or the authentic one XD

A close-up of the feet. You can see the plastic covering her feet. That’s why it looks a bit fuzzy compared to the legs ^^

Like I said. Stickers ^_^ Fake figures might have stickers too, but the authentic ones should be holographic-y… I don’t know how else to describe it XD All-in-all I’m happy with Ignis ^o^ Will have a photo shoot once the sun comes out. That or I get the bf to be my lighting assistant for the day ^^

Side topics:

1. PS3 Games:

Bought two games the other day from EB Games. Traded in GTA IV but kept the stuff that came with the limited edition. Shhhh.

Dead Space

Sci-fi + Zombies + limited over the shoulder camera view = fun times. I don’t have the guts nor the stomach to play this. Guts because it makes me jump in freight and stomach not because of the gore (love the gore) but because of the camera view — it makes me dizzy >.> My boyfriend and a friend took turns playing it since it is quite stressful. You know that you will be attacked by something around the next corner. It’s that expectation that makes you want to just stop playing. However, you can’t because it’s really fun ^_^

Soul Calibur

Really pretty graphics. Bouncing. Nuff said.

Seriously though, I’m more of a Tekken fan. I do like this game though ^^ I haven’t really played much but it is entertaining. Boyfriend and I played spot the pantsu. Haha XD

2. WoW thread: Hilarious.

Explain your sex life use a WoW term.

  • “Not enough gold.”
  • “LFM….”
  • “You need to be behind your target to do that.”

6 thoughts on “Ignis and Other Things

  1. Yeah, all he’ll be doing is holding up my white lap desk to bounce off the light XD If I had 4 arms+hands I could do this on my own.

    …I could also use the tripod and timer but that takes too long and I each shot has to be sure and more or less final. It’s also difficult to keep changing angles a lot ^^;

  2. I dont have the guts to order off ebay.I always have the feeling of beeing ripped off.Im glad for you that you hit the right guy with your rules but sadly they dont apply all the time


  3. Haha, I normally wouldn’t buy from eBay either but I really wanted this figure ^^ I couldn’t get any pictures from him, but he guaranteed that the figure is authentic. If it wasn’t I would just return it anyway.

    What I learned is, if the name is the exact name of the figure with the name of the company that made it and the price makes sense then it is most likely to be authentic. ^_^ Worked for me this time, but yeah, I probably won’t do this again XD

  4. I couldn’t find any Japan located sellers. I check the source though and stay away from the ones from China/HK. XD

    It’s hit or miss with U.S. sellers. Have to go through their info, check stuff and send them messages ^^’

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