Haven’t Been Posting at All Here…

Somehow, I forgot that I had a WordPress blog floating around. I had it hosted outside of WordPress for a while, but I can’t seem to contact my host :( She was really nice though and I’m really grateful for her hosting me back then. However, since I can’t update the WP version over there, I decided to return here.

Space Souvenir - My Tumblr

Lately I’ve been hanging out mostly on Tumblr, reblogging and reblogging, occasionally posting something original (well, partially, since most of the stuff I post are fanart). I guess that’s part of the reason why my blog has gotten so dusty, I was so busy with school and work that it got neglected.

Now that I’ve decided to take up animation and acquired a couple of more figures, I should be able to fill this up again.


New FFXIII Trailer

I can’t wait for the game to be released in North America. I will of course be getting the PS3 version of the game. Hopefully the demo will be available here too and not just in Japan :eek: . In the meantime, I’ll be drooling over the new trailer:

Ignis and Other Things

I wrote in my past post about bootleg figures that I ordered an Ignis by Max Factory from eBay, even if I said that eBay should be avoided as much as possible. However, I really wanted it and threw caution in the wind.

…After checking different sellers information of course. There were a lot of figures available, but all were suspisciously low in price. One seller was even selling her for $0.99 O_o I wonder if that’s still there. I suppose how they earn is they have a ridiculous shipping price ($20+) or from a hapless first-time figure collector.

Anyway, as promised, I this post will have the result of the test of my theories. Suffice to say though, they worked for this case… at least. Will also have side topics: 1. a couple of PS3 games I got the other day and 2. a funny WoW forum thread. ^^
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Miku Fanart Update

I was on my bed resting my head this afternoon after getting home from work and thinking about how to edit my Miku fanart when something hit me. All this time that I drew on photoshop I would always go over my drawings and “clean” it up. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but its not really how I draw (by that I mean on paper).

My style has a sketchy feel to it. I’ve always liked that about it. When I draw on Photoshop though, I always think of coloring it. Then when I color, it’s usually cell shading, which forces me to clean up my drawings to match the style.

I’m not sure if I’m making any sense but in a nutshell, I’ve been putting too much effort into a style that I’m not very comfortable with ^^;

So I got off the bed and re-did the sketch from scratch. Click more to see the (edited) original and the new version. Comments are welcome and let me know which style you like better ^^

[warning] Skimpified Miku [/warning]

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New Packages!

Ignis and Parasite Eve

Ignis and Parasite Eve

Took this picture this morning while rushing to get ready for work. Which is why the image may look fuzzy — the camera apparently focused on the mirror’s frame instead of either Ignis’ box or the Parasite Eve case.

Ignis arrived yesterday and yay, she’s authentic ^_^ As for the Parasite Eve, its one of my most favorite games. I still remember when I first played it. I think it was my sister’s though… And it was a bootleg.

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