Got inFamous Before Official Release Date


Got inFamous 3 days before official release date.

Went out yesterday to buy a couple of things when my boyfriend spotted inFamous on a store shelf. My reaction was “oh, it’s out already?” (I didn’t know the release date, as far as I knew, it could have been today, yesterday or next month), his was to pick it up immediately and go to the cashiers. Apparently the release date is on Tusday, May 26. He bought it yesterday, May 23. I will have to wait for Tuesday for my copy since there was only one left on the shelf.

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Robbie, MGO and Nerd Fellowship

It’s been a long time since my last post. I haven’t read most of the post on blogs in my Google Reader/Blogroll. School work’s been taking up most of my time and when I finally got a week-long break last week, my body decided to crash and I spent most of it at home with a cough and a slight fever.


Anyway, before the break started, I was invited to write at Nerd Fellowship. I decided to give it a try and wrote my first post on the new video/trailer for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Scene Expansion. I can’t wait for the new maps and gear! Hopefully the outfit near the end does have the same effect as the Magazine. Haha! I bet it’s just for fun though.

Obviously, that was my favorite part of the vid. Adding to that is the Robbie mascot head. It took me a few seconds to realize why the bunny head looked familiar. I suppose it’s a Konami thing. Hehe! Here’s hoping for more cameos/references!

Robbie in MGO (left) and Silent Hill 3 (right).

Robbie in MGO (left) and Silent Hill 3 (right).

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