DannyChoo.com Giveaway has Arrived!


The package arrived nearly two weeks ago on a Wednesday. I had to take a bus to pick it up because no one was home to sign for it. I was really worried because it was a rainy day but thankfully by the time I got it, it was just foggy. Damp, but not raining.

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Recovery, Brown Rice Tea and Lucky Star Figmas


Brown Rice Tea with Tsuruya~

Caught the seasonal flu over the weekend. Still recovering now but I feel much better. The first day was horrible. I think that was the first time I ever had the flu (not counting stomach flu). I’ll spare you the details though. Anyway, I was told by the doctor to drink lots of fluids so I am now drinking obscene amounts of Gatorade and Japanese Brown Rice Tea <3

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DannyChoo.Com Giveaway

Found out today that I won the Giveaway contest! Was sick over the weekend so I only found out this morning ^^’ (and still sick)

I was really surprised because I couldn’t find all the prices of the food even if I searched through the restaurant pages of Ikea.jp. I guess I didn’t find them all XD

This was the second one I participated in and I didn’t expect to win. Really happy though ^_^ The first round was guessing how many of Danny’s machines were running OS X. I searched for all the pictures were Mac related and added the Dell mini.

Second round was funny. I just got back from a grueling exam and my head was mushy so even if I found the prices of each of the items through Hobby Link Japan, I still got it wrong. One was because Danny didn’t have to pay for them, and even if he did, I thought one of the items were two separate items >.> But we all got a second chance so yay! ^_^

Final round was guessing how much he spent in Ikea. Found all the furniture and even the bulbs, which were tough to find. However, what was even tougher to find was the food. Found some of the prices in the restaurant section of the Ikea.jp but not all. I think I found the cookies that were in the picture with the car but wasn’t sure. Either way, I added it since I couldn’t find the prices of the other food.

Will be posting about the Nendoroid and the calendar when they arrive. Thanks again to Danny Choo and Hobby Link Japan!

Joined Twitter

Been avoiding joining Twitter ever since I joined Plurk. There are some people who think they are the same thing, some people who don’t care, and some people who are personally insulted if they are compared.

Anyway, I haven’t Plurked in a long time and only joined Twitter for school purposes, to track a project’s progress. But now I added my classmates so we’ll see how long I will continue Twitt…ing?

Twitter username: picchar

Moving… Someday

I’m currently setting up a new site, still running WordPress, here. Ever since I created Picchar, I’ve wanted to customize the layout and play around with the CSS. I currently use free themes/layouts for both, but I have already gone and started editing the layout in the new Picchar.

So why haven’t I moved?

In a nutshell, the new site isn’t ready. I am still fiddling around with the theme’s settings, functions, layout, etc. I haven’t made any drastic changes though. Also, there’s a problem with my old posts. The formatting for some of the images is off.

So in the meantime, this will still be my official site. I will still keep this after I move as a backup for my posts.

Anyway, I’d like some comments and feedback on the new site please ^_^ Thank you!