Final Fantasy XIII at E3 2009 and Demo (Quick Post)

This will be a really short post… I think.

Anyhoo, watched the live broadcast of Nintendo and  Sony’s E3 conferences yesterday on Nintendo’s was a bit boring while Sony’s was exciting. Really enjoyed the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (BOX!!!) and Final Fantasy XIII trailers. I can’t wait for both games!

Also, my boyfriend gave me Advent Children Complete last night for my birthday (advanced). I was so happy I just kept bouncing around… mostly because of the FFXIII demo that came with it. Watched the videos of Versus and Agito and I was floored by the graphics of Versus. Simply beautiful. My only complaint is that the characters look too Japanese. It’s ok for the main male lead, but the blonde girl looks like a Japanese girl/woman with blonde hair and blue contacts. Other than that… I was speachless.

Then… the demo… I had no words. My eyes were tearing a bit while watching the “opening” cut scene/FMV. The graphics changed for the in-game cut scenes and battles but still very good.

And better than the Xbox360.

The trailer presented at the Microsoft conference the other day is the same as the demo: the part where Lightning and Sahz fight the mech boss/thing. You can probably find a video for each somewhere to compare the two. The most obvious difference, and the first thing I noticed, is Lightning’s hair. You can also see the difference on the chick’s feathers. They kinda look like hair in the 360 trailer. Might post comparison pics later when I get home.

Hopefully the quality of the graphics on the final product (PS3) will remain the same, or better.


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