Kojima Productions “NEXT” Countdown Ends this Sunday

Big Boss???

Big Boss???

Like so many Metal Gear Solid/Kojima Production fans, I am eagerly anticipating the official (and complete) announcement of the next installment in the story… or at least, whatever it is that the Flash site is hinting at. Every time I visit the site I seem to miss when the clock starts up for another countdown. This time, there are around 100+ hours left. Using an online countdown calculator, it seems that this countdown will end on May 31, 2009 around 7:00pm in my corner of the world.

Need to make sure that I’ll have access to a computer and check the site at that time. Hopefully the next announcement or whatever will be something solid (no pun intended) and no more hints. But I wouldn’t mind more waiting. This whole thing is fun (really)! As long as the new stuff only happen at the end of the countdowns I’ll be fine. Either way, I can just catch up by reading other sites and blogs ^_^’


7 thoughts on “Kojima Productions “NEXT” Countdown Ends this Sunday

  1. I’m also eagerly waiting for this announcement, even though I don’t have a PS3.. Lol

    And yeah it seems like that guy is Big Boss, having the eyepatch on his right.. Cause Solidus has his on the left. :3

  2. I have the PS3, but haven’t tried MGS4 yet ^^; I liked the first MGS, but never really tried any of the other ones after that unfortunately. I just didn’t have the time for it much anymore >_<

  3. @ Aerin: I got the PS3 for MGS and FFXIII (which is taking SO long)… I could have waited, but when I heard that the 60gigs were being phased out, I rushed to get one of the last ones in one of the stores where I live. Haha XD

    I’ve had the PS3 for a while now and I’m really happy with it <3 My sister had a second hand 360 for a while, rarely played on it and ended up selling it. It's a miracle it didn't die on us. Haha, just kidding!

  4. @ lightningsabre: There’s a bundle for 1, 2 and 3. I got it for around 30 CAD. MGS4 made me cry :3

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