On Finishing Resident Evil 5

Finished Resident Evil 5 some weeks ago. It was a really fun game and I especially enjoyed the co-op feature. However, it didn’t really feel like a Resident Evil game. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it was the zombies, maybe it’s the fact that it felt more like a shooting game than a horror game but it’s not the same.

The developers probably had a good reason for the new look and feel, but I hope that if they come out with the new one that it has a more defined horror feel to it. All the others made my heart thud louder in my chest. Thinking of Nemesis kinda gives me the chills XD RE5 on the other hand was just point and shoot. Fun, but definitely not the same experience.

Oh, and slightly off topic, I kind of miss games with fixed cameras ^^’


7 thoughts on “On Finishing Resident Evil 5

  1. Well RE5 is more of an adventure game than a horror one. Maybe zombies in RE is getting old so they’d try a new approach.. Played the demo before and yeah it is nice.

  2. I like it as an action/adventure game but the whole appeal of RE for me is the action/adventure/HORROR part. It’s a bit lacking in the horror part. Too many shooting games lately… XD

  3. Yeah RE’s appeal is of it’s ‘survival horror’ part, how frantic was I trying to run away from Nemesis and dodging his rockets at the same time.

  4. When I played RE3 it was the first time in any game that I didn’t feel safe. Nemesis was scary XD It was easy to run around and away from him but he’s always not so far behind.

    …and the music, the sounds and the controller won’t stop letting you know that… and how near he’s getting.

  5. Yeah I had that same feeling.. Lol

    In RE2 after you’ve blasted all the zombies in the room you’d feel safe, it was all different in RE3 XD

    I was like o_0 after seeing him again when I know I’ve killed him earlier, and he does appear in places you’d least expect..

  6. Dont get me started how I hate the direction RE took with Part 4 and how it ran against a wall with Part 5 for me.
    I could somehow enjoy RE4 but after i played the RE5 Demo i knew that I wouldnt buy this game. Just another Actiongame with RE characters but no RE.

    Its weird that you guys enjoyed RE 3 the most since its the weakest of the original REs in my opinion.
    If id have to choose one of them itd probably be RE 2 or 1

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