DannyChoo.com Giveaway has Arrived!


The package arrived nearly two weeks ago on a Wednesday. I had to take a bus to pick it up because no one was home to sign for it. I was really worried because it was a rainy day but thankfully by the time I got it, it was just foggy. Damp, but not raining.

I grabbed my cutter and my Nikon and snapped a bunch of photos to commemorate the box opening. Brought out Haruhi and Tsuruya to greet a new Nendo comrade. Thanks again to Danny and Hobby Link Japan for Nendoroid Ryoko Asakura!


Nendoroid Haruhi and Tsuruya greet the newcomer

The moment I pulled out the plastic thingy that holds the Nendoroid and the various extra parts, I realized that it will take a long time for me to get each of them out. If you click on the image to see the larger version, you’ll see that there’s a twisty wire holding Ryoko down. Took me around 10-15 minutes trying to untwist it till I gave up and cut it off with my blade.


All the parts that came with Ryoko-chan... lots...

The reason why I chose this Nendoroid was because it was a set. I don’t have Yuki nor Mikuru which is a bit of a waste, but I do have Haruhi and, well, the hat and the cape look really cute on Miku. ^_^ My only problem is that I have to remove her arms for her to fit in it. XD


Bits and pieces

Ryoko had a lot of plastic wrapping. Over her skirt, under her ears, under her hair, over her chest, over the rest of her body and one over her entire length… I think that was it. I figured that it was to avoid paint transfer, and as I eventually learned, I was right.

DannyChoo Giveaway

Thanks again to Danny and HLJ!

Took me a long time to post because I just started work at SimplyCast.Com. Learning a lot and having lots of fun but it drains all my energy and at the end of the day I just want to sleep. Anyway, will be posting a review of the entire set and some illustration updates (sorry for the really long wait!).

On a different note, I’ve been taking Japanese lessons during the weekends. Basically I can introduce myself, ask and tell the time, ask for directions, give some directions and ask how much stuff are XD


K, I hope that’s right XD Let’s try it in Spanish!

Hola mis amigos y amigas!
Me llamo Char. Encantada de conocerte.
Soy Filipina. Me gusta los Nendoroids.

…Necesito a practicar… Se ha quatro años desde que hablé y escribí en Español.

Yay if I got both right! ^^’


13 thoughts on “DannyChoo.com Giveaway has Arrived!

  1. You forgot the most important part:
    You can finally do prank calls on Danny :smile:
    No pictures of the Nendo Calendar?If my memory serves me right there should have been on with the order

  2. @Blowfish

    Haha, even if I could, I wouldn’t. The card only has his site’s URL and… email… I think. I’ll double check when I get home. Maybe at the back?

    And about the Nendo calendar, I haven’t taken any pics of it yet XD It’s been a hectic 2 weeks since I started work.

  3. Which contest did u win again? There’s just so many now, I’ve lost track. :???:

    Now u have the extra parts, don’t u have the urge to get the rest? :grin:

  4. @Optic: The Nendoroid giveaway ^^ The one where we had to guess:
    1. How many machines in Danny’s house runs OSX
    2. How much did he have to pay for a bunch of items (everyone got it wrong the first time)
    3. How much he had to pay for the new furniture from Ikea

    And yeah, I feel like getting Yuki and Mikuru… but moneyyyy XD I’m trying to save up to get a DOT Shall. I already have a name for her and all ^^’

  5. Thanks! But I’ve known his email address for a long time now when I sent him an email. I can’t remember if it was a suggestion for his site or to report a bug or something. It’s probably somewhere on his site ^^

  6. @lightningsabre: My only fear is paint transfer. Oh well, I have my handy dandy paint remover on hand!

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