Recovery, Brown Rice Tea and Lucky Star Figmas


Brown Rice Tea with Tsuruya~

Caught the seasonal flu over the weekend. Still recovering now but I feel much better. The first day was horrible. I think that was the first time I ever had the flu (not counting stomach flu). I’ll spare you the details though. Anyway, I was told by the doctor to drink lots of fluids so I am now drinking obscene amounts of Gatorade and Japanese Brown Rice Tea <3

I really want a Japanese tea set but this will do for  now. Guh, I just realized while typing this that I chose a picture where Tsuruya’s blocking my tea cup XD Bought the cup in a Japanese store in the Philippines. Got the tea “pot” from Atlantic Superstore here in Canada. It uses a plastic strainer instead of a wired one which makes it really easy to clean ^_^


Lucky Star Main Cast

On another note, I haven’t been posting here lately since I’ve been very busy with school work. During that time 4 additions to my collection arrived, including a Figma Takara Miyuki of Lucky Star. My Lucky Star Figma collection is now complete~ ^o^

Currently, they are the only figures on my computer desk. All my figures used to be here too but it left me with very little desk space which I really needed once the school year started XD

Now, in order of arrival:



Konata was my first Figma. She’s my favorite among the 4 Figmas, though she and Kagami are both my favorite characters in Lucky Star. One of the reasons is because I find her the easiest to pose. My only problem is that her hair always gets in the way and limits the poses she can do. Otherwise, I think she, and the other girls, were made very well.

I was originally against Figmas and other articulated figures because I didn’t like how the joints broke the continuity of the body parts, especially when it comes to limbs. However, Figmas were made pretty well with the joints placed strategically and in such a way that they don’t look too weird. The reason why I ended up buying Figmas despite my dislike of articulated figures was partly because of some stop-motion videos I saw on YouTube, but mostly because I didn’t really like how other Lucky Star figures looked. In my opinion, the Lucky Star Figmas, compared to other figures, look the closest to the characters.

Now on to the Hiiragi twins who arrived together:



Saddly I didn’t think of taking pictures of the two of them in their shipping box. I found it really cute that they were coincidentally shipped together. I ordered them separately but Kid Nemo contacted me and said that they could ship the twins together for a cheaper price. Yay!

Kagami is my other favorite character in the series. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the entire cast ^^ I usually have a character I dislike in every series, but not this one.

The Kagami Figma is just about as easy to pose as the Konata one but there’s just something off about it that I can’t put my finger on. She is also the least stable on a stand. If I shake the computer table they’re on, she shakes the most… even when I’m typing. Her pigtails makes gives her a wide range of possible poses compared to Konata though!



Tsukasa’s joints are a bit more stiff than the latter two. I don’t know if it is by design or it’s a random occurrence during production. Either way, I don’t really care since the overall quality is really good. Besides, when I think about it, the more I pose the Figmas, the more likely outcome is that the joints will loosen rather than tighten. I hardly move them though XD I’ve had them in this pose ever since they arrived. It’s not as uniformed now since I moved them around for this post ^^’



Finally, we have Miyuki. I find her really really sweet and affable. As for the Figma, I like this one the least. Maybe it’s because she has a larger chest area that her blouse is shorter than the rest, but I think it should have been lengthened a bit. There’s just something a bit off about her proportions compared to the other three. The dark pink parts of her uniform are darker than the rest (then again, all of their pink “ties” are of different shades, except for the twins). Maybe it’s intentional though… my uniform wasn’t exactly the same as my classmates’ ^^’

Overall though, I’m still happy with how she was made. Maybe it would have been nice if her glasses could be removed but I’d rather have it fixed like this than have it constantly falling off her face.




Figma Bits and Pieces Case

This is where I keep all the parts that come with the girls. I didn’t label the compartments… probably because I’m lazy. Hehe. I know which hands belongs to which character based on the face next to it XD Like I mentioned earlier, I haven’t changed their poses or parts ever since I left them in the pose in the group picture. Mostly because it’s painful to change their hands. Does anyone know a pain-free way to change their hands without damaging them?

In conclusion, I’m really happy with my Figmas. I wish that there would be a similar line in a larger size and without fixed clothing, but not too close to BJDs since I like how Figmas look nearly 100% like the anime characters.

…I bet there’ll be Figma versions of the K-On! cast soon ^_^ *prepares wallet for another round of spending*

That’s it for today. Might post tomorrow about the other 3 additions to my collection ^^ Unlike Miyuki, I haven’t even taken them out of their boxes yet.


10 thoughts on “Recovery, Brown Rice Tea and Lucky Star Figmas

  1. Hmm… I still haven’t even opened my Lucky Star figmas yet… I may just sell them since I don’t really see any potential in them. You get well soon eh!

  2. @zenical: It’s really all about the wrists/hands >.< They look so fragile and I'm afraid that I'd snap them when I change them for another.

    @lightningsabre: I wish I had as many figures as you do, and mangas… one day O_O

    These are my only Figmas because they're the only Lucky Star figures that I really liked. The others either didn't look well made or weren't as close to the anime characters as the Figmas ^^ I really wanted Saber Lily though.

  3. @picchar: LoL someday… I wish I didn’t have this many. They’re a hassle lol. There sure weren’t that many Lucky Star figures back then so yeah they are the only choice back then… but I find that I don’t really need them it seems. Just trying to reduce the amount of stuff in my room obviously :P

  4. @lightningsabre: How about donating them to the less fortunate, like myself? ^______^

    Just kidding! ^^

    How about removing all of them from their boxes and getting rid of the boxes? Or if you like to keep the boxes, flatten them and collapse the plastic casing. Hmm… I should try this later.

  5. Im glad that you like your Figmas!
    Personally i prefer Revoltechs over Figmas even though they arent as spot on as Figmas.They simply feel sturdier and i like to play with my stuff :smile:

  6. I am actually considering donating some lol XD I have given a figure or two to a good friend of mine. If I do sell them, it’ll be cheap or fair priced.

  7. @Blowfish: But are they actually sturdier? Haha, if only there was someone who has money to burn who could test it out. ^^’
    It’s the accuracy of the figures I’m after… as in how close are the figures’ features to the actual characters. I also like the Figma stand better, even if it means that there’s a hole on the figure XD

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