First Impressions: K-On!

K-On! Group Shot

K-On! Cast

Note: Currently working on a paper, re-watching the first episode of K-On, drinking brown rice tea and helping (and failing) mom use the call function on Yahoo Messenger… so pardon the messy post.

I was browsing through when I stumbled upon his article about K-On!. I only read up to the second image because I couldn’t wait to watch it. I finished the first episode yesterday and already I’m hooked.

So far my favorite character is Mio ^_^ She just looks so cool.



Story wise, it’s interesting and light, perfect for me right now. I’m not in the mood for dark deep stuff XD What really attracted me though was the art/style. It’s really cute and I really like the fluidity of the movements. I’ve always kind of wished for an anime that’s something like Lucky Star but less… fixed to the backgrounds/static… Can’t really explain. I mean, I love Lucky Star and it’s style of characters moving in a single background works for it, but I also like it when characters “explore” their surroundings ^^’

Anyway, my point is, I like K-On! ^_^

Wah. Anime like this make me think of my own high school days. I too was part of a group of four friends. Haha!


I watched it again today for the… 4th or 5th time… and I realized something: Even if the ep shows how silly looking or easy castanet playing is, it really isn’t. It’s not even played like that. It’s played by clicking them together using one hand. I used to think it was really easy till I tried it in Spain after watching a Flamenco dance XD


9 thoughts on “First Impressions: K-On!

  1. on my watch list as well.

    i just hope that the story stick to music instead of branching out into typical school life anime with boys coming into the picture.

  2. Watched the first episode twice already now lol. Everyone’s moe for Mio! To me this show is like a series for Fuko… Yui is pretty much Fuko lol. I totally love her antics XD

  3. I love the animation style they used for K-On. It’s absolute eye-candy. Everyone seems to love Mio. xD (I found myself becoming more attached to Yui, but Mio’s cool too)

  4. @ gordon: Yeah, I hope they stick to the music and avoid the boys. That’s what I liked about Lucky Star. Not that I hate romance in anime… I’m just looking for something different for a change. Though of course I’d like K-On! to show what it’s like to be a high school student too.

    @ lightningsabre: Haha, I watched it around 3-4 times already. Gonna watch it again in a bit before I start on my homework XD

    Fuko? Haha, so many new terms for me XD

    @ Coco the Bean: It’s really the style that first caught my attention. I usually start watching a series for the style/art and not the story. ^^’

  5. Another Mio favourite. I’m not surprised. :mrgreen:
    I’m crazy over Yui. xD

    I watched the 1st ep. again before I watched the 2nd so I don’t a single moment and it’s a great way to refresh the memories of the last ep.
    I might do that for every new ep. is out. :grin:

  6. @ Optic
    When I watched the first ep I didn’t visit any other page aside from Danny’s. I didn’t even scroll past the first two pics so I didn’t know he liked her either. I thought that most people would go for Yui actually. I only found out after finishing the ep and searching for pics and stuff that a lot of people like Mio too XD

    Haha, I did that too! I watched the first ep again while waiting for the second to finish ^^

    My second fave is Tsumugi ^^

  7. There’s something about KyoAni slice of life whereby I know that K-ON isn’t anything unique, but damn, I still like it. :D
    And yeah, I love the ED (and Mio).

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