Review: Rei Ayanami by Yamato

Rei Ayanami. Produced by Yamato, Illustrated by Shunya Yamashita

Rei Ayanami. Produced by Yamato, Illustrated by Shunya Yamashita

This is one of the first figures on my get list. However, it was out of stock everywhere when I decided to start collecting figures. I was really glad when it was announced that it will be available sometime near the end of this year. I ordered it from KidNemo and it arrived on December 19. Here’s my review.

Rei is is not happy too.

Rei is is not happy too.

First off, I wasn’t very happy with KidNemo’s packaging this time :mad: . They decided to use a box that was larger than that of the figure. To be able to fit in the shipping box, the figure box had to be positioned diagonally inside with lots of styro bits all around it. From past experience, this is the usual cause of damages on the figure’s box. What happens is when the external shipping box is poked or dropped, the pressure on that spot pushes the styro bits onto the figure, causing dents and creases. Oddly it is the figures with the least amount of styro bits that arrive without any dents or creases. :?:

Now for the figure itself.

The outlines arent precise.

The outlines aren't precise.

To tell you honestly, I was a bit disappointed :roll: . The paint done on her looked like it was rushed. The front part of her outfit is generally smooth, until you get to the lower edge. It looks like someone pressed a gloved finger or some sort of smooth instrument against her pelvis before the paint had it’s chance to fully dry. The little details on her clothes aren’t precise and seem a bit smudged and hurried.

Dirty bum.

Dirty bum.

My other peeve is that her right cheek has black smudges. Looks like someone with dirty fingers or gloves handled her there. Naughty. Seriously though, does anyone know how to get rid of smudges like this? Guh. It’s not obvious in the picture though. My camera fails me! :eek:

I will stare you to sleep.

The best feature, I must say, is her face: it looks so serene. The figure is a bit out of character, but isn’t that true for a lot of Shunya’s fanart? This is part of the reason why I decided not to get Rogue, but in Rei’s case, I’ve wanted to get her since I started collecting. Despite the little defects here and there that my camera couldn’t capture (I swear I’m not seeing things), I’m pretty happy with this figure. :)

Figure Info

Character: Rei Ayanami
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Figure Name: Creator’s Labo #015 Evangelion: Rei Ayanami 1/8 PVC Figure
Figure Company: Yamato
Scale and Material used: 1/8 Scale, PVC


13 thoughts on “Review: Rei Ayanami by Yamato

  1. I’ve heard many bad experiences from Kid Nemo ranging from unable to fill pre-orders, delays and poor packaging and ur rant is no surprise there. I haven’t ordered anything from them and I might never will as their shipping to Aus. is twice the price compare to Japan when I got a quote from them.
    I’m not a fan of Shunya artwork but the figure itself needs a lot more work, quality wise.

  2. I recall reading somewhere that Yamato isn’t known for their figures’ quality. However, the Rei and Ringo are supposedly exceptions and that the quality is getting better.

    Supposedly. I might actually be making this up :lol: Ringo’s pretty good though. She’s the first scaled figure I own.

    As for Kid Nemo, I’ve so far had good experiences with them. USPS takes a ridiculously long time but all my figures arrived safe and sound. Rei is the exception. I’ve ordered 5 figures from them (including Rei) and they all arrived intact ^^

    So where do you order from? Play-Asia is based in Hong Kong so maybe shipping from there might be cheaper than from Japan. :)

  3. You made me very happy with that review :grin:
    I cant get enough of that figure.Ill hope ill be happy with my semi-legal E2046 Gathering rei ^^

    Were talking Yamato here and they dont have the greatest production quality out there.I own Aya from Oneechanbaraa by Yamato and there are worlds between Rei/Ringo and my figure.

    Its still fun to look at Rei even with those minor flaws.Alone that faces makes my brain melt

    Okay thats enough Rei/Yamashita fanboyism XD

    Id keep my fingers from KidNemo.Heard lots of negative things about the the last half year.Check Meronpans blog for further info

  4. Sorry for the double post but I just noticed you have a HS ad in your sidebar.I applied for their ad program aswell and didnt hear anything so far.How long did it take you until youve got an response?

  5. @ Blowfish : They replied around 4-5 days after I sent them an email. Did you fill out the form?

    I hope you’re happy with the Gathering version too. If it had more details like this one does, I would have gladly gotten the Rei and Asuka set. I like it that they made the bases like puzzle pieces!

    @ ron~ : Yeah ^_^ That’s all that matters! The paint isn’t so noticeable unless you look closely. That and the dirt on her bum will rarely be seen since I don’t have her facing her back to me. :eek:

  6. Ill keep you updated on the Gathering figures ^^

    Yup I filled out HobbySearchs Form.I wrote the email around the 14th December.Its christmas time so they might aswell be busy.Ill resend the form if i wont hear from them until the end of year

  7. I like Ayanami Rei, but for some reason she looks too real for me. I perfer the anime style version instead of the Shunya. But, everyone has their own opinion. Also, congrats on obtaining her! I know whats it like to want something when certain stores not carry the items in stock. And when you do get the item you get overjoyed just holding it and looking at it. ^^

  8. Great picture ! This figure is really beautiful ! I hope that Yamato will make Asuka (like Gathering’s version).

  9. @Leonia Yeah, I hope Yamato does make an Asuka version. Though I suppose they’ll be making their own version with a different post and look than Gathering’s XD

  10. @ yamada
    Tell the difference between the Yamato and Gathering version?
    The Gathering version has less details on the suit, for example, compared to the Yamato version ^_^ Hope that answers your question

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