First Impressions: Eternal Sonata, PS3



I’ve been itching lately for a JRPG. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was not doing the trick so I temporarily resorted to older games such as one of my all-time favorite RPGs, Xenogears. Then I saw Eternal Sonata on an EB Games store’s shelf. My first thought was “yay! A JRPG for the PS3!”. But after looking closer, I initially that it was too cutesy and wondered if it was worth the $59.99 pricetag. Honestly, it looked to me back then like it should have been a Wii game instead of a PS3 game. :neutral:

But I wanted a JRPG. So I gave in and handed my debit card over to the cashier.

I didn’t regret it.

Or at least, I haven’t. :roll:

This morning was my first time playing it, right before work. First thing I did before starting the game was to check if it has dual audio, and yes, it does! I started it with Japanese audio and English subs. After the opening scene I restarted switched to English. Both sets of voices are pretty good but I kind of prefer the Japanese audio. I also like it that I can switch from Japanese to English and vice versa in-game.

So far, I also enjoy the battle system. It is pretty easy to get used to and is a mix of turn-based and dynamic. By this I mean that each character (and enemy) has a turn. When that turn comes up, you, the player, have complete control over the character. You can move around, attack or use an item (these are the only options currently available to me, though I think there will be more as the game progresses) while it is your turn, which is timed of course, and represented as a gauge(?) on the left side of the screen. It decreases as you do any sort of action. Standing still will pause the decrease, giving you time to think. I read though that this will change after a certain point in the game.

As for the story, I’m only around 45 minutes into the game so I can’t really tell. Nonetheless, It looks interesting and I look forward to knowing what the connection is between the dying Chopin :shock: , the also dying Polka :shock: (well, she has a terminal illness so I suppose it’s just a matter of time XD) and the bread thieves (the scene where they appeared is where I stopped before leaving for work). The latter reminded me of when Aladdin (Disney) and his monkey, Abu, stole bread. :lol:

I might post a review after I finish Eternal Sonata, but in the meantime, enjoy the trailer:


Image Source: IGN


19 thoughts on “First Impressions: Eternal Sonata, PS3

  1. Get. Get. Get! :D

    (Oops, edited the wrong comment. Sorry Kairu! :oops:

    Anyways, the game is also available on the 360. The PS3 version has more content though. If you have neither, go for the PS3. It may be more expensive but you get quality for your money. Yes, I am a bit of a PS3 fangirl :roll: . The 360 didn’t stay in our home for a long time. It wasn’t even mine!)

  2. I love it when you can switch the audio from English to Japanese as well, and well, my parents are totally against me playing “violent” games so I got myself LittleBigPlanet instead. Still, that game’s fun when your Sackboy dies :D

  3. You played before work? :twisted:
    Like 6 am???

    I once played the Demo on my Bros 360 and didnt like it too much.Havent played a Jrpg in a long time!

  4. @blissmo : If Eternal Sonata is considered a violent game, so should the whack-a-mole arcade game XD I’d say that LBP is more violent actually :lol: But yeah, it’s really funny when they “die”.

    The cutest thing they do for me though is when you “restart” or “try again”… when you choose to go back to the last check point. It looks like their trying to cr@p something huge! :grin:

  5. Thanks! :)

    You need an FTP access and a client/application to transfer the files. One of the reasons why I left and moved to my new host was so that I could do this. does not allow you to edit, create or upload themes. :( Since you’re using, you can only use the layouts that are available under Themes.

  6. @ Zenical: Sorry :( I left a post in my old blog that I was moving though.

    As for the game, I’ve been playing it every spare moment I have at home. I find it quite addicting :???: . Part of the reason might be because I haven’t played a decent JRPG in a while. That being said, I think Eternal Sonata is a great game nonetheless.

    I am definately going to post a review when I finish the game :wink:

  7. Thank you very much :cry:
    I’ve downloaded FileZilla! But now I’ve to change my host.
    Colud you tell me I, how I can do that.
    I would be very greatful!!! :wink:

  8. You have two choices. One, you can pay for hosting. You have to do some research on that though to find a reliable host. What I did though was to find a free host, someone who is kind enough to share their space and bandwidth.

    As for the plugins, those are for users who have WordPress set up in their own website or host. You can’t upload anything to unless you pay for it (I think).

    Do some research. There are people who know more than I and have written on this topic.

  9. I love Eternal Sonata, i’ve got the original XBOX 360 version though, the PS3 was a re-release with some extra’s I believe. I think its immensely pretty, not making full use of either consoles power, but its so pretty I don’t care. The music too, great. I gots me the soundtrack now lol. I haven’t finished it.. I think I’m 13 hours through… can’t remember.. I’m back at uni now though…. the 360 is at home… till I buy one myself.. I’ll only be able to play it when I’m at home….

  10. I love the game too :smile: I’m roughly halfway through the game and I agree that the music is great. I’m also taking classes in my university but I still play in the weekends since I live at home.

    I’m biased. PS3 over Xbox any day. Haha :grin:

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