Rogue by Shunya Yamashita


I used to watch X-Men everyday when it used to air on tv back in the Philippines. I tried watching the new series too but I liked the 90’s version better. Rogue was one of my favorite characters. When I saw this on the front page of Kid Nemo (which also happens to be the source of the image) my first reaction was “must get!” Then I thought about my wallet.

I requested a refund a couple of days ago for my pre-order of Shunya’s other figure Non-Non. I wanted it, but when I sat down and thought about it, I didn’t want it bad enough. My hobbies are expensive so I realy have to budget. PS3 games are released every so often, and soon the keyboard attachment will be available. Anime takes up a lot of space on my computer so hard drives are necessary (dad bought them for me though ^_^v). Mangas are cheap compared to the others but come out more often and more regularly.

So, sorry Rogue, but I won’t be buying you.

Another reason aside from my budget is that although it is a beautiful figure, I don’t see the Rogue I’m familiar with in this one. Rogue for me is tough and sassy while this one looks like she’s just waiting for her knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet. Basically she looks out of character. I’m glad they used her classic outfit though and I’d get her if I had the money.

Since this is a Shunya Yamashita figure, I wonder if the reference illustration is floating around somewhere. I’d really like to see it and compare. As far as I can tell though, even without the illustration, the figure really looks like it was based off something he drew.

Except for her thighs. When it comes to figures based on Shunya’s illustrations, most of the end product have smaller hips and slimmer thighs. Just an observation. I really like all the figures based on his illustrations. I also like his illustrations too. In fact, I have his art book Wild Flower. ^_^


6 thoughts on “Rogue by Shunya Yamashita

  1. I’d pre-order her in a heartbeat if I had the money. I have to be picky now that my work term is ending. I won’t have enough income once the winter term starts to support all my hobbies. Haha ^^’

  2. Im in the same boat as you :neutral:
    Too many things to buy too few money avaiable^^

    Nice new theme! Im not online a week and everythings bright and shiny!

  3. My budget will always be tight because I buy too many bargain items. -_-
    I’ve been reading ur blog for a while now and I like it. I was gonna pick this theme but it never worked out in the end when I had my new domain.
    Wanna exchange links?
    Just let me know and I will add ya. ^^

  4. Sure :smile: Adding you to blogroll.

    I liked your article about Figma storage. I couldn’t find a container the same size as yours so I just settled for a medium sized one. I separated the hands and the heads too because of preference, not because of space issues :roll:

    Haha, good thing you settled with the other theme by the same… group(?). Otherwise we’d be identical! :lol: But then again, I did a lot of modifications on the layout

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