Packed Up and Ready to Go!


As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been planning to move for a while. This is the new site:

Actually, I’ve been planning to move ever since I made this. The reason why I started my site here on WordPress is because I haven’t found anyone to host me yet. That and I wasn’t willing to pay for hosting because I’m a cheap and lazy arse I couldn’t find a good deal for a paid host. I chose WordPress instead of Blogger or Livejournal, because I planned to use WordPress once I found a host.

When I found one, I immediately asked for WordPress to be installed and started setting up. I browsed through a number of sites for a free theme to modify and found this. I changed the side bars and moved around the items (widgets) they contained. I actually wanted to retain my original layout since I really like it, but I could not find it online. The creators site only hosts an older version which is not plugin-ready.


So I settled with my second choice and switched to a clean blue and green theme to a bright red and organge with blue highlights one. Oh, and this choice has nothing to do with what the Animanachronism wrote in his blogroll. It is simply a coincidence.

I’ll be keeping this site because of emotional attachment but will no longer be updating here. Contrary to what I mentioned previously, I will not be using this to back-up my new site. I don’t think it would be a good idea to have identical content in two separate hosts. Google might get confused. Haha!

See you on my new site!


Image Sources:
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2. Last image


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