Moving… Someday

I’m currently setting up a new site, still running WordPress, here. Ever since I created Picchar, I’ve wanted to customize the layout and play around with the CSS. I currently use free themes/layouts for both, but I have already gone and started editing the layout in the new Picchar.

So why haven’t I moved?

In a nutshell, the new site isn’t ready. I am still fiddling around with the theme’s settings, functions, layout, etc. I haven’t made any drastic changes though. Also, there’s a problem with my old posts. The formatting for some of the images is off.

So in the meantime, this will still be my official site. I will still keep this after I move as a backup for my posts.

Anyway, I’d like some comments and feedback on the new site please ^_^ Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Moving… Someday

  1. Haha, yeah I know! It’s a bit slow but it’s free so no complaints here.

    I’ll think about getting a domain. I visited Godaddy a while ago and the site made me dizzy.

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