Stop Motion Attempt

I was one of those who couldn’t see the appeal of or what made Figmas so popular. However, after watching Lucky Star, I wanted figures of the main cast. I didn’t like any of the other figures and I like the quality of Max Factory so I thought I might try and get a Figma.

I ordered all 4 of them. Konata arrived first last week. The twins will be here tomorrow and Miyuki… well… Not sure. She doesn’t have tracking. Haha ^_^’

After watching the Figma CMs (commercials) which I found in YouTube:

I decided to try stop motion. I was too lazy to make a better setup since it was just a test, that and I was watching my bf and friend play Resistance 2 online. Here’s the image:

It’s supposed to be the first part of the opening sequence. I couldn’t get the timing right. I think I also need a better program or find a better way of doing it on Photoshop. I just used the animation bar ^_^’


5 thoughts on “Stop Motion Attempt

  1. You should drop Dancingueen a mail.She did something similar with her figures.

    How long did it take you?Theres certainly alot of room to improvement but not bad for a first try

  2. I hope you don’t mind but I decided to take your gif and see if I could improve it.

    When I make animated gifs, I use a program called Animation
    Shop – it’s from jasc. I’m sure there’s probably a better way but that program lets me easily tweak the timing of each frame.

    Before I worked on the timing, I took each frame and lined Konata up as best I could so she wouldn’t jump around. I then ended up having to shrink it down so I could upload it to imageshack.

    I always have trouble when I try to post the link from imageshack but lets try this:


  3. @ All: Thanks ^_^

    @ thenullset: I don’t mind ^_^ I’ll try that program once all four arrive.

    @ gordon: My original plan was to use a solid white background but I wanted to watch my bf and friend play Resistance 2. The setup I use is kinda difficult to do in the living room where the tv and the PS3 are… so next time ^_^’

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