Review: Ignis by Max Factory

Ignis arrived a month ago but I only had a photo shoot with her two weeks ago, then uploaded the pics on the computer the other day, then onto Flickr today.

I had a lot of fun taking photos of her. The figure was well made despite the ugly arm seams.

Also, it might not be obvious in the images, but parts of her hair are a bit faded. Not sure if it’s intentionally like that but if ever, it is a tolerable defect.

Front and back details.

I didn’t know much about her when I ordered the figure from eBay. I only thought to research on her after she arrived and found out that she is a character from an eroge/adult visual novel: Jingai Makyo.

I just wanted the figure because it was pretty ^_^’

One of my favorite shots. You can really see the details on her skirt and back. Not to mention the details on her sword’s hilt.

Figure Info:
Character: Ignis
Game: Jingai Makyo

Figure Name: Jingai Makyo 1/7 Scale Painted PVC Figure: Ignis
Figure Company: Max Factory
Scale and Material used: 1/7 Scale, PVC


7 thoughts on “Review: Ignis by Max Factory

  1. Thanks to the both of you ^_^

    I’m still learning techniques but I really enjoy figure photography :)

    One thing that I figured out intuitively that I will share though: Don’t put your subject or your focal point in the center of the picture. I don’t know if that’s actually a rule or what, but it works for me ^^

  2. Omg very nice photos D:

    I really wanted to purchase this figure too, but I purchased a Shunya Yamashita Shouko-san and lots of mangas this month, so it will have to wait <_<

  3. Thanks :D

    Which version of Shouko-san did you get? ^^ I recently stopped buying new figures because I need to save. There are some that I really want to get though, and mangas too ^_^v

    …But I have to wait as well >.>

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