I currently have an fanart request page open in There are 7 slots in total and 3 open ones left ^_^

List of requests here.


8 thoughts on “Requests~!

  1. beautiful piece of work! ranka is one of my all time favourite anime girls. ^^;

    i hope there’s still slots for requests, do u mind drawing a stormtrooper? and sign it to TK-8316 (me)? will like to put it in my profile page. ^^;

  2. @ gordon : Thanks ^_^ I haven’t actually watched Macross Frontier. I finished downloading it a couple of weeks back but had to delete it to make space for other anime >.>a

    My dad’s early Christmas gift (external hard drive) came too late…

    @ otou-san : Thanks ^o^

    @ Riex : You already gots my PrOH!mote entry :P Hee hee. I’ll have the commission page up by Christmas maybe. Have to figure out rates… Will start low ^_^

    @ Blowfish : Yep ^_^ I’ll have a commission page where I’ll be asking a bit of money for my amateur illustrations ^_^’ I’ll have an occasional free illus day or something though. Haha!

    And ty ^_^

  3. Im looking forward to that day!
    Even tough your not too fond of the rough coloring style i absolutely love it.Maybe ill let you draw a banner graphic in the future ^_^

  4. Oh wow! Did you draw that yourself? Thats pretty impressive. Dang if I only found you sooner I wont have requested a drawing ^^

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