Lucky Star

I can’t remember why I suddenly watched Lucky Star but I’m glad I did. I finished the series within two days (with breaks of course)… and I still want more. It’s a really funny series and the characters are very relatable. Konata and Kagami are my favorite characters ^_^ ♥.

I love how random it is. The pacing is really different, which I suppose is because of the original 4-panel style manga. I usually associate the 4-panel style to omake in other manga, especially doujinshi.

After a bit of Google-ing, I found out that there are DS, PS2 and PC game of Lucky Star. I wish someone would come up with a game with a similar cg style to the RPG the characters were playing in the OAV. It reminded me of Threads of Fate by Squaresoft.

Off topic, but I had a photoshoot with Ignis over the weekend. Will post once I get off my lazy bum and upload the pics ^^’


6 thoughts on “Lucky Star

  1. did u watch the fansubs or the DVD rip?

    mine is the DVD rip with american dub and original japanese dub. the american dub sounds lol weird.

  2. Yeah Lucky Star is fun to watch.It always reminds me of Tarantinos Humor and its loose connection in between
    The First scene could have been the opening of Reservoir dog^^
    After all there are heavy oral sex refernces in there

    I must admit to my shame that i havent seen the OVA yet.Im rewatching the series with my brother right now tough.


    If you think US Dubs are bad you should hear German Dubs…Most of them are terrible.Wanna have an example? Check this Haruhi Dub:

    Kyon and Haruhi are especially bad >.<

  3. @ gordon : Fansubs ^^ English dubs always make my skin crawl >.>

    @ blissmo : Haha, my bf couldn’t stand it either. There’s this word in Filipino that can describe what he felt but there’s no direct English translation. It literally means soup so I guess he felt like his brain became mush. XD

    @ Blowfish : The oral sex references never occurred to me… Except the way Konata eats ice cream… which is pretty normal (_._.)a

  4. I love LUCKY STAR! Initially I gave up because I don’t know what was so interesting watching 4 girls talk.. And later on, I tried watching again.. And yes I love lucky star XDXD

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