Oi, Hayaku PrOH!mote~!

Give me a blank piece of paper (in this case a blank WordPress post page) and you’ll get the same from me : blank. I’m not that articulate nor can I express myself very well… especially with words. So I decided to draw for my submission for Oi, Hayaku!’s October 2008 prOH!mote contest.

Hope you like it~! ^_^

I was supposed to be finished by Friday night but her hair was being really bitchy so I cut it. Haha, the original length was up until her feet. ^^’

ps. I’m not sure about the Hiragana but it looks cute. Can someone verify pls? :3

pps. I need to practice coloring more orz


14 thoughts on “Oi, Hayaku PrOH!mote~!

  1. Its looking good!
    Any other drawing you feel like sharing?

    I often have the same problem as you.Since English is not my mother tongue i cant really write good texts and since im waiting for my figures to arrive all i can do at the moment are filler posts.

    I think thats part of having a blog to overcome that block^^

  2. Haha, still working on the Miku ones. I hardly color so I really need a lot of practice orz

    English is actually my first language… ish. But, supposedly, if you know more than one language, you’ll be less proficient in one compared to someone who only speaks that language.

    I don’t believe that though. Haha!

    …Even if I’m not that good expressing myself XD

  3. Pssst…I suck at German (my mother tongue) nearly as much as English ^^

    As for the Coloring.I like it in this picture.It has some kind of brushed feel to it.I personally dont like the “clean” digital look that alot of people use

  4. Good stuff! Ranka-chan please! I’ll definitely feature it in a Macross-themed post. Happy Halloween \(^_\^)

  5. @ Blowfish : I like the “clean look” but I feel that this has more dimension. I just have to practice my brush strokes ^^

    @ ghostlightning : post a comment with your site’s url and I’ll give you the link ^_^

    @otou-san : Thanks ^o^/

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