Asuka by Kotobukiya

Sis asked me to order “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka Langley Casual Clothes 1/8 Scale PVC Figure” by Kotobukiya. It arrived the other day and I decided to give it to her as her birthday gift/Christmas gift because it isn’t cheap and I’m not that rich >.>

Anyway, I decided to make it my guinea pig in my first photo shoot ^_^

I had three “settings” for the photo shoot. One was on my desk with a white background using a combination of natural and artificial light. The other was in the living room while watching boyfriend and friend play Dead Space. The set-up there was a black background using the fading sunlight (it was nearly sunset) and a lamp.

I really prefer natural light but sometimes the effect of artificial ones is nice too ^_^

White Background

This may not look familiar to you if you haven’t read the manga. It’s in chapter 24 when she talks to Shinji about not having a father. The equivalent episode is when the two of them live together to defeat an angel.

Boo. I think this is the only pic I took that came out good that used natural light.

Black Background (Natural lighting)

Flickr rotates the image if it’s a large size to make sure other information such as licensing can still be seen. Don’t worry though, it’ll be right side up when saved ^_^

Black Background (mixed)

Black Background (lamp)

Although I like the figure, I don’t think that it captures the original scene. She just looks bored here wheras she looked to me like she was deep or lost in thought in the manga.

All images in a larger size are available in my flickr. Requests for higher resolution images can be sent through my contact page. ^_^v


3 thoughts on “Asuka by Kotobukiya

  1. Ahh…my brother would cry in joy hes a big Asuka fan.Im more of a Rei person <3

    Since your a fan of Superrats ,like me, youve probably already read his Tutorials on figure Lighting.
    Its just a guess from my Side but i think you didnt choose the right white balance setting and have therefore the funky looking backgrounds.If you prefer Natural Lighting hopw about hitting your backyard woods?I helped taking my brother some pics in the woods and they turned out to be really cool.

    Im eagerly waiting for your next pics ^_^

  2. I started of as more of a Rei fan but I realized how much more interesting Asuka is as a character ^^

    Yep, read it ^^

    I was too excited for my first real shoot though. Haha. I’ve never fiddled around with the white balance yet. I might have it in auto, if it does have that feature… otherwise…. er, whatever the default is ^^;

    Yeah, I do like natural lighting but I’m not crazy about outdoor photography when it comes to my figures ^_^; I’m iffy about all the stuff that could cling on to them :3

    Will try better for my next shoot ^_^ I’ll probably have one every weekend since that’s the only part of the week that I have enough time XD

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