More Packages!

I finally got my books. I received an email from Play-Asia a couple of days ago saying that UPS had validated my damage claim and asked me if I wanted new copies shipped. I said yes and here they are!

The Asuka figure I ordered from KidNemo for my sis arrived as well. She’s really pretty and makes me want to steal her from my sis ^^’ I told her though that it’ll be my b-day/Christmas gift for her since her birthday is this Sunday.

Will be doing a review for the figure as well as the rest of my current collection hopefully soon >.> Not sure when exactly since I’m currently working on a number of illustrations including my Miku fanarts.


7 thoughts on “More Packages!

  1. @ blissmo :
    Haha, if it were only the other way around too. Sometimes I wonder who the older one is XD (I am)

    @ Kairu Ishimaru :
    Aww ^^ I “adopted” one already. Haha. He got GTA IV for his bday from me and me bf.

  2. Your package was damaged during shipping? :(
    I called the second I saw the damage… after thinking of ways to fix it (ironing, etc). Except in the end I didn’t need to ^o^

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