Must Learn to Back-Up

Miku HatsuneI should learn to back-up my files. I learned it, again, the hard way today. I was working on this fanart of Miku when I decided to post my progress. I resized it to fit the posts column and accidentally hit save while typing. So now the image is stuck at this a waaay smaller resolution instead of its original 1280×1024. I should really get a new external drive for time machine XD

Grar! Now I have to redo the entire thing again orz

Oh well… anyways, what do you guys think? I’ll just use this opportunity to get feedback for the final version ^_^ Do note that this is nowhere near done. I’ve just started with the base colors ^^

Thanks for the constructive criticisms. Will be doing a number of fixes on this sketch mostly in the anatomy department. Might change her expression too, but most likely just the mouth and eyebrows ^^


10 thoughts on “Must Learn to Back-Up

  1. Its lookin good so far.
    Heres some contructive Criticizm tough:
    Her Belly area where the rib starts looks a bit funky and the pelvis meets legs area too.That gives her some kind of chubby look.

    I hope to see the finished work soon

  2. Hmm… the text messes it up a bit (you can’t see the transition well), but I see your point ^^ Thanks! I’ll fix it in the new version

  3. Soo cool, your a great artisit..
    Side comment her ribcage looks a little odd and her breast are possiblly too low?

  4. Hmm… Yeah, they’re a bit too low. I think the ribcage is fine, but the transition to her pelvis is a bit weird now that I think about it/ as Blowfish mentioned.

    I still have some problems with anatomy, especially when drawing on the computer because I can’t see everything at once as I do on paper… Might not make sense but there is a difference for me XD

    I guess it is a good thing that I made a mistake by saving it in a lower resolution XD Now I can redo the entire thing with the corrections ^^

  5. I had no idea you could draw – then again I am guilty of not visiting my own blogroll… personally I blame the trip to japan, since I had to plan so much stuff for it. @_@

    I rather like your art style, it’s very nice and soft! I don’t know why I can’t seem to see the rest of that image you linked, I only get the chopped version – yet I hear people talking about her belly.

    *flails* I cannots sees!

  6. Oops XD I chopped it up because I’ll be working on the revision tonight. Will be posting the update soon after ^^ I’ll re-post the ugly-bellied one as well for comparison so you can see ^_^

    And thanks! ^o^

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