New Packages!

Ignis and Parasite Eve

Ignis and Parasite Eve

Took this picture this morning while rushing to get ready for work. Which is why the image may look fuzzy — the camera apparently focused on the mirror’s frame instead of either Ignis’ box or the Parasite Eve case.

Ignis arrived yesterday and yay, she’s authentic ^_^ As for the Parasite Eve, its one of my most favorite games. I still remember when I first played it. I think it was my sister’s though… And it was a bootleg.

Back then, and in the Philippines, all the games were pirated/bootlegs. Even “legit” or chain stores sold pirated Play Station games.I didn’t know that they were fake so I asked the lady where the demo disk (FFVIII, Xenogears and Musashi) was. She couldn’t answer me…. and it made me sad :3

So after all these years, I finally get my  hands on an original P.E. copy. Before this one, my only orig PS 1 game was Final Fantasy VIII which I begged my grandma to get me while she was in the U.S.

On a side note, forgot to mention why the name “Ayame” in my previous post. Will edit ^_^ Edited ^o^


8 thoughts on “New Packages!

  1. ahhh…yeah Parasite Eve i have fond memories of that game.I didnt own a Playstation back then and played it with a friend at his house.

    Are we going to see a review for Ignis? ^_^

  2. Will try to finish it by Sunday to see if there are any bugs or what so I can return it… but if its a small bug I think I’ll stick with it ^_^

    Yep, planning reviews for each of my figures ^_^ Just waiting for the sun to shine because I don’t like using my lamp XD

    Will also do a review for P.E. ^o^ How I see it now after all these years and how it is playing it on a PS3 XD

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