Figure Stands : Use and Modification

All figures have come with stands. Some are simply for keeping the figure upright while others help with the “setting” of which the character is in as well. So far all my figures’ respective stands are simply functional, with two types. One is a seat type of stand while the other has pegs that are inserted into the feet of the figure. Then there’s what I call the support stand, which I don’t often use. In this post, I’ll just be talking about how I “modified” a couple of my stands for better use.

Miku needs no stand

Miku needs no stand

Nendoroids come with the seat type of stand. I think that Good Smile Company made a very good decision with using this instead of the normal peg-style stands which won’t be able to handle the weight of the Nendos’ heads. I was really surprised and amazed when I saw my first Nendo stand. As for Miku, I think she’s the only Nendo that does not need a stand.

Haruhi needs a better stand

Haruhi needs a better stand

It’s a different story for my Haruhi though. For some reason the seat part of the stand keeps sliding down, causing her to fall. I noticed this before she could fall though, which was good XD I was considering using super glue to hold the seat at a certain level but I liked the flexibility of being able to choose how high or low the seat is so I decided to go for a rubber band instead. It blocks the seat from falling further. I hope to get one of those transparrent hair rubber bands to replace this since they (transparrent bands) are thin and… transparrent… ^^;

Scraping excess from Tifa

Scraping excess from Tifa

My mini Tifa (is there a name for this kind of figure?) figure used to stand on the stand without actually using the stand (er…) because for some reason, the holes in her feet were too small for the pegs to fit. At first I didn’t want to do anything to the figure so I decided to cut a part of the pegs off. That didn’t work so I was forced to scrape off the excess bits around the hole to fit the pegs in. Now the stand fits perfectly, but she can no longer stay upright like she used to without the stand.

As for support stands, Ringo has one for her web-like costume and Asuka has one for her waist. I originally used the support stand for Ringo because the costume had drooped (she used to be on display in the store she came from). She no longer needs it now but I keep it there anyway. As for Asuka, I think the point of the stand is so that she won’t start to bend forward any further than as was designed. It gets in the way of viewing though and I fear that it might scratch the paint off eventually so I keep it in the box ^_^;


4 thoughts on “Figure Stands : Use and Modification

  1. I can’t really say much since most of my figures are fixed on their stands, but my 1/8 Ilya is sitting on Berserker’s Unidentified Sword Axe thing ^^

    I’ve yet to get a nendoroid though. Currently waiting for Saber Lion to join me for lunch ^_^

  2. I was debating between Saber Lion and Shana but in the end Shana won though Saber Lion is soooo cuuuute ^o^
    …Might be my next purchase but I’m trying to cut back and save money |||orz

  3. first nen purchased – Lucky Star meets Fate/Stay Night Cosplay WF Limited. Cost me around 90-100 USD. Pretty ex for a first nen, don’t you think so? LOL I was mad XD

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