Damaged from Shipping

My order of Shunya Yamashita‘s Wild Flower and Studio Ghibli’s Art of Spirited Away – Sen to Chihiro arrived last week. I was so excited for my first artbook only to find out that they were damaged. I’m very particular with my stuff so when I saw the corner of both books were bent and folded I visibly cringed and twitched ^_^;

I called UPS right away since they were the ones who shipped it. I don’t know how it could have happened since it was packed very well by Play-Asia. The books were encased in a bubble wrap plastic bag and surrounded by styrofoam. Oddly, I’ve had a number of items shipped from various sellers (including Play-Asia) via regular mail (USPS/Canada Post) and they all arrived intact. The one I paid more for through UPS is the one that arrived damaged.

UPS took the package back last week for inspection. I’m still waiting for the result. I hope they handle it better this time. I’ll be really pissed if they damage the books even further =_=

How about you, do you have your figures shipped through regular mail, UPS or FedEx? I’m now tempted to try FedEx just to see the difference. Maybe I’ll just stick to regular mail XD For the price they’re quite good. They’re also apartment friendly (at least for me). Unlike FedEx/UPS, regular mail (Canada Post) can put small packages (figure sized) in a special box in our apartment. If the package is too big, I just pick it up from a nearby store.


12 thoughts on “Damaged from Shipping

  1. I have a package from Fedex that will be arriving soon. I’ll keep you posted! I should get it by today…. It’s late by a day!!! *angry

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that they’re inspecting it now. I don’t know what’s taking so long though, its been a week already.

    And I’d rather have a delayed package than a damaged one any day ^^

  3. I just got my parcel, yeah they’re slightly dmg, maybe they fap on it too much. LOL!

    I ordered books from Amazon Japan on 7 Oct, used Fedex(they chose) it was supposed to be delivered yesterday (9 Oct) but just got it (10 Oct) – due to some delay. But customs clearance was pretty fast since I didn’t order porn books. Haha.

  4. Haha! My first package was a Ga-ko clock from Metal Gear Solid 4 and its the only one that went through customs here. Now that I think about it, it could look suspicious in the X-ray XD

  5. Lol. I know EMS is safer here, because EMS doesn’t go through checking, I believe.. I bought a couple of DVDs on the net, by right, my country’s law states that censorship is required, so basically we can only have dvds up to M18. It sounds fine at first right? But imagine when you get your dvd, you see scratches. =(

    Anyway my DVDs are okay, I use EMS only, only recently did I went Amazon JP shopping that I had no choice but to use International Express Shipping

  6. The Ga-ko clock that went through customs was through local/regular mail. I don’t mind that it went through customs because it arrived intact ^_^

    The packaging/box was a bit bent but the clock itself was pristine ^_^ Better than the UPS shipped one >.>

    I’m considering changing shipping methods for my other stuff… depending on the result of this incident @.@

  7. This is a very interesting read since exactly the same thing happened to my Order of Yamashitas Artbook i did with PlayAsia.Mine is at the exact same corner is bent.
    If i recall right it was shipped via UPS too

    I wonder if this really happens due to Ups bad handling or if PlayAsia has a stash of bend artbooks….

  8. What a coincidence O_o

    I don’t think its the latter though (Play-asia having a stash of bent artbooks) because the box had a dent on the corner too XD Which makes me think its UPS

  9. congrats on new copies ^^! I hate to use the international express shipping, though they take faster time to deliver, it isn’t worth it. For me it’s EMS. ^^

  10. @ zenical : Thanks! ^_^
    Yeah, I had to learn the hard way. All of the regular mail-ed stuff arrived fine. In effect, the books actually arrived around (or more than) 2 months after I ordered them >.>

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