Cleaning My Figures

Miku battles the make-up brush!

Miku battles the make-up brush!

Pictures for the tips on avoiding bootlegs when buying figures are not ready yet so I decided to write a short post on how I clean my figures. ^_^

I clean my figures nearly everyday, which is probably overkill XD. Yep, that’s me, part of the 1% in the poll. The odd thing is, I’m not a very neat person. My room is generally a mess. The only exception is my desk where my figures and iMac are. I clean my figures everyday because I want to preserve them as much as possible without having to keep them in their boxes. I’m not ever going to sell them and they’re just too pretty/cute to be kept hidden.

It doesn’t help that it gets dusty in my room easily (as does the rest of the apartment). Clean it in the morning and you’ll see speckles of dust in the evening. It is also dry here which causes my skin to flake and shed ^_^’ At least the weather is good for my figures. No worries here about them bending or warping! ^o^


Is it dead?

Is it dead?

What I use is a blush make-up brush. I figured, if it’s soft enough for my skin then it should be gentle enough for my figures. I especially like the retractable feature. This way the brush itself won’t be collecting dust. It wasn’t as cheap as Danny’s kitchen brush but I think it was worth it.

Brush Attacks Ringo!

Brush Attacks Ringo!

Once in a while I also remove parts of the figure to get to parts I normally would not be able to otherwise.

Another enemy?!

Another one~?!

I also use compressed air for nooks and crannies which my brush might not be able to reach.


Here are some pages you might want to visit for actual tips on how to clean your figures:

  1. Healthcare for Figures! by Len-Vesper
  2. How to Look After Your Figures… Please Read by Enguyen

[ps. Are the captions confusing? Is it better that I don’t have them like I did in the previous posts? ^^]


4 thoughts on “Cleaning My Figures

  1. Waaa that’s sooo cuuute!!! And her facial expression is also so fitting, as if she knows she’s fighting a loosing battle! haha! Good job! I can’t wait for more! :D

  2. Len-Vesper:
    Yes it is ^_^ I might have to cut down to twice a day or rotations when I add to my collection.

    As for my blog design, I just chose a theme (css) from one of the many selections offers. This attracted me the most. It was simple, clean and organized. It fits my purpose very well. The only thing I did was change the header image and add my pictures to my posts.

  3. cat_fat:
    Yay comment! ^_^ *hugs*

    Yeah, Nendroids are really adorable. That’s just one of the three she came with. Thanks again for buying her for me *chuu~* ^.^

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